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Over the centuries, there have been many enterprising Davenports who have created sucessful businesses for themselves. The following is a list of a few of the companies that took the Davenport name, have a Davenport founder, and been in business for over 100 years.

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Davenport Pottery - Founded in 1794 - Longport, Staffordshire, England
Jonathan Davenport of Leek (1731-1771) - 
Jonathan > John (1765-1848)
John began potting in 1785 and later worked with a partner Thomas Wolfe of Stoke. He opened factories in Longport in 1794. John's two sons, Henry and William took over the company when he retired in 1830. The company remained in the family, under the watchful eyes of Williams'  two sons until it was aquired by Burleigh Pottery in 1887. It was sold in 1999 and then in 2010 was aquired by Denby Pottery.


Davenport Arms - Founded early 18th century - Woodford, Stockport, Cheshire, England
LInk -
Line - Capesthorne 
This pub, locally known as the "Thief's Neck", was once a part of the Capestorne Estate. "As hereditary foresters of the King, the Davenports had the authorised power to put poachers to death without trial, hence, the crest of the Davenport coat of arms originally depicted a serf’s head with a rope around his neck"  It is still a popular family friendly pub and a venue for weddings and birthdays.


Davenport Brewery - Founded 1829 - Birmingham,  West Midlands, England
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Robert Davenport
Robert Davenport was a brewer in Birmingham in 1827, starting a business that was run by generations of Davenports. In 1867, John Davenport and sons were registered as "Maltsters, Hop Merchants, and makers of Pale and Brown Malt for brewing bitter ales and porter". Baron John Davenport begain the "Beer at Home" delivery service in 1904. By 1985 the brewery owned 123 pubs. The Davenport brand was eventually purchased by Empire Star and became a part of the Highgate brewery.


Davenport Machine Company - Founded in 1894 - Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
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LIne -Thomas of Dorchster
Thomas > Charles > Thomas > Lemuel > Daniel > Rice > William Simeon (1861-?)
William, born in Vermont, was a machinst who founded the Davenport Machine Company in Bedford, Massachusetts in 1894. The company initially produced "clock pinion turning machines". Today the company creates high precission screw machines for an international market.


A. H. Davenport and Company - Founded about 1880 - Cambtridge, Massachusetts, USA
LIne -Thomas of Dorchster
Thomas of Dorchester Thomas > John > John > John > Jesse > Jesse > Lemuel > Albert Henry (1845-1905)
Albert begain working in the Boston Furniture Company in 1866. He bought the company about 1880 and renamed it, The company produced high end customized furniture and became a highly respected company known internationally. Many of the company's products are in libraries, court houses, and mansions throughout the world. There are dozens of Davenport pieces in the White House including some that once sat in the Oval Office, After Albert died, the company merged with Irving & Casson in 1914 and remained in business until 1974. It's last major commission was United Nation's Headquarters in the 1950's. The word davenport that is used when meaning a sofa comes from this company. 


Davenport & Company - Founded in 1862 - Richmond, Virginia, USA 
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 LIne -Thomas of Dorchster
Thomas of Dorchester Thomas > John > Joseph > Enoch > Benjamin > Isaac (1815-1896)
Isaac worked at his uncle Isaac Davenport's company Davenport & Allen in Richmond, Virginia. It was a dry goods store and also the site of periodic slave auctions. In 1863, the younger Isaac joined with Charles Wortham to found Davenport & Company, an insurance agency. Today the company is an independent financial service provider with offices in 23 locations covering five states.