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The orginal Davenport, in Cheshire, can be traced back to about 920 AD, and has never had a population great enough that it would be considered  a city, or even a small village. However, since this is where it all began, it is appropriate to list it here. 


The Corporate Town of Davenport, in South Australia, was founded in 1888. It's name was changed to Woolundunga in 1893 and remained as a local government body until 1932. . It is a now a suburb of Port Augusta

 United States 

There are eight towns/cities in the United States named Davenport. They are in California, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska,  New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Washington. Davenport, Iowa is by far the largest and it was named after George Davenport, who was actually born with the name George King. He assumed the name Davenport after arriving in the states from England. Davenport, Nebraska was named after Davenport, Iowa. 

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 Davenport, Scott, Iowa.
 Founded in 1836           2010 population 99,685           Website -
 Davenport Line - Col.George Davenport
 Col.George [King] Davenport (1783-1845)
 Davenport was primarily founded by Antonine Le Claire and named after his friend and Indian agent George Davenport.


 Davenport, Delaware, New York.
 Founded in 1817          2010 population 2,965          Website - 
 Davenport LIne -Thomas of Dorchster
 Thomas > Jonathan > Benjamin > Billa > John (1772-1829)
 John was an early settler in the area and the first town surveyor.


 Davenport, Polk, Florida.
 Founded in 1838            2010 population 2,888          Website -     
 Davenport Line - 
 Col. William Davenport


 Davenport, Lincoln, Washington. 
 Founded in 1880          2010 population 1,734          Website -
 Davenport LIne -Thomas of Dorchster
Thomas > Jonathan > Benjamin > Jonathan > Benjamin > John  (1830-1919)
John founded a town near Cottonwood Springs, Washington, and named it after himself. He wanted to take advantage of the nearby natural springs and heavily trafficked Indian trail. His town was destroyed by fire a couple years later and Cottonwood Springs took on the Davenport name.


 Davenport, Lincoln, Oklahoma
 Founded in 1891          2010 population 881          Website -
 Davenport Line - Pamunkey
 Davis > Martin > William > Augustine > Martin > Noah (1837-?)
Noah and Annie Sutton Davenport were the first to stake a claim when the land became available.


 Davenport, Santa Cruz, California. 
 Founded about 1867          2010 population 408          Website - 
 Davenport Line - Thomas of Dorchster
 Thomas > Jonathan > John > John > Jeremiah > John (1818-1892)
John, a sea captain from Rhode Island, built a 450 foot wharf on the California coast to aid in shipping lumber to San Francisco. It became known as Davenport’s Landing. A village grew up around the landing, eventually becoming known as Davenport.


 Davenport, Thayer, Nebraska
 Founded 1872.  2010 population 394          Website -
 Davenport Line - none
 Davenport, Nebraska was named after Davenport, Iowa.



 Davenport, Cass, North Dakota
 Founded 1882          2010 population 252          Website -
 Davenport Line - Thomas of Dorchster
 Thomas > John > Samuel > Seth > Seth > Samuel > Mary Bucklin Davenport (1825-?)
 Mary was a friend of G. F. Channing the founder, and the second wife of William Claflin, the Governor of Massachusetts.