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Our mission is to collect, preserve, and make available reliable information on the history of the Davenport family.  This includes digital copies of old photographs, family trees, genealogies, family research, and pretty much any documents related to the Davenport family. 
The Archives is designed both for those who know what Davenport line they belong and want to search that line, and  also for those who just want to poke around and see if they can find something interesting. 
Of course, the Davenport Archives cannot succeed without the help of it's generous contributors. For without people donating documents, there would be no need for an archive. Thank you. If you would like to contribute Davenport material, here are some hints.
PLEASE try to limit photos and other images to the JPG (JPEG) format and everything else to PDF. These are very popular standards that most anyone with a computer should be able to view. If you can't convert your documents, that's OK, just upload them anyway. We will convert them for you. 
PLEASE make sure your documents are oriented correctly. A common scanning problem is saving the photo upside down. Please be considerate and make sure it is oriented correctly. If a PDF document is wider than normal, like in a family tree chart, then orient it so the top is on the left side. 
PLEASE try to give each file a descriptive name that someone outside your family will understand.
Good - Sam Davenport house Minneapolis MN 1924,jpg
Not Good -  img20180605.jpg   and    Aunt Millie at the lake.jpg
PLEASE use your discretion on what you upload. Many family trees posted online are simply wrong or poorly sourced. So try to verify that your information is as accurate as possible so bad information isn't perpetuated onto others. Also, this is not a family photo album. As much as we would like to include your Davenport family pictures, we just don't have the space for them
PLEASE do not include any living person in your documents, trees, or photos. The exception is photos of large Davenport gatherings or reunion type events, newspaper articles, and the like. 
If you have just a couple documents to donate, then you can do them individually by the link on the right side of each web page.
If you would like to donate several documents or more, then click on the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. Give us a brief description of what you have, and we will send a link where you can upload your files. 
If you believe any documents need more explanation or you wish to give us more information, i.e. - all these files belong to xxx branch of yyy Davenport line - then tell us about it in a Word (.docx) or Notepad (txt) file and name it ReadMe.
The Davenport Archives website is an ongoing project and we try to make it as accurate as possible. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to use the "Contact Us" link.