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Our mission: To collect, preserve, and make available reliable information on the history of the Davenport family.  

This website is all about `people`, Davenport people. Who they were, where they lived, what they did, who they were related to, and their hopes and aspirations.

From the time of our earliest known ancestor Orme, over 900 years ago, the Davenport family expanded throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.  By the early 17th century as European explorers began settling the distant British colonies, it didn’t take long for Davenports to follow.  These early immigrants established the North American Davenport lines.  Then, toward the end of the 18th century, as British cities were increasingly overcrowded, many prisoners, including Davenports, were transported to Australia – thus the founding of the Australian and New Zealand lines.

Many of these families both in England, and in the former colonies, lived their lives isolated from each other, with little or no knowledge of links to other groups or individual Davenport people. With the advent of the Internet and DNA testing, individuals, and family groups were able to establish to whom they were genetically related, piecing some of the jigsaw together.  This and the present availability of family history records online present us with an opportunity we have never had before.

This website is intended to gather, and continue to gather, all known Davenport family history. In addition to the records we need to record photographs, and personal and unique factual history, and stories also, of what and who they were, much of it as told to us by our parents and grandparents.

Please understand that over time and with the ever changing nature of the Internet, some website or email links may no longer be valid. A researcher may have moved or changed emails, or maybe he removed a genealogy he posted on another website. In any case, a formerly valid link may no longer work. 

We welcome you to join us in this endeavor.  If you have something, anything, you wish to contribute, just tell us what you have and we can decide the best way to transfer your files. And remember, come back often, this is just the start.